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Your guide to activities for all the family in the Hadleigh area this summer

Posted: 27.07.21 by Fraser Clements  Local News

Summer holidays are here and Nub News can bring you a comprehensive list of fun activities for all the family in Hadleigh and the surrounding villages...

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Spirit of Guthrum busts some rhymes

Posted: 26.07.21 by The Spirit of Guthrum Opinion

Sorry not been in touch for a while. Bet you’ve forgotten about me yet again, eh? Guthrum’s the name, ruling’s the game. Loved Hadleigh so much...

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Teenaged smuggler's film maker gets increased pieces of silver from Hadleigh councillors

Posted: 26.07.21 by Fraser Clements  Local News

An inspired teenaged film maker has been given a £2,000 grant from Hadleigh's town council for his movie based on the town's gang of smuggler...

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Monday Hadleigh Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 26.07.21 by The Editor Local News

On This Day "If my mind can conceive it, if my heart can believe it--then I can achieve it." Muhammed Ali, Olympic and then wo...

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Property of the Week from Chapman Stickels: Three bed bungalow priced to sell as an exciting project

Posted: 25.07.21 by Derek Davis Property

If you are looking for a new home in the Hadleigh area, or just feeling a bit nosey, then look no further than our Property Of The Week features, whic...

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Sunday's Hadleigh Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 25.07.21 by The Editor Local News

Sunday's Sensation Tony Blackburn began his career as DJ for the offshore pirate radio station Radio Caroline on this day 57 years ago...

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New date set for weed growth mayhem in Hadleigh to be tackled

Posted: 25.07.21 by Fraser Clements  Local News

A new deadline has been set for the out of control weeds around Hadleigh to be dealt with After a number of complaints to the town council about t...

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Hadleigh man to be sentenced after admitting eat and run offences

Posted: 24.07.21 by Derek Davis Local News

A Hadleigh man has admitted three counts of fraud after taking part in an number of eat and run incidents and will be sentenced at the end of August. ...

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Saturday's Hadleigh Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 24.07.21 by The Editor Local News

On This Day A huge warning to those who feel they can issue libel charges without understanding truth as a defence. In 1987Former deputy chair...

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Rowland Taylor's Ghost: Hadleigh suffering from a 'sindemic'

Posted: 24.07.21 by The Editor Local News

This 'pingdemic' is getting a bit much, isn't it? Myself and Mrs Taylor were recently pinged by the NHS app and forced to go into self-...

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