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Christmas crafts fair shows off Hadleigh talents

Posted: 29.11.21 by Fraser Clements Local News

The Christmas craft fair at Kersey Mill, saw many stalls from local creators go to sell their goods. Many of the stall owners had discovered these...

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More cash needed for leaders to house refugees in Hadleigh area

Posted: 29.11.21 by Jason Noble (local democracy reporter) Local News

East of England leaders are seeking more Government support to house refugees fleeing from Afghanistan, including in the Hadleigh area. The East of...

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Monday's Hadleigh Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 29.11.21 by Amber Markwell Local News

Monday's morning quiz Which actress appeared in 'Pretty Woman', 'Ocean's Eleven', 'S...

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Hadleigh Job of the Week: Logistics Coordinator

Posted: 28.11.21 by Fraser Clements Local News

Is this role right for me? Be a part of a team environment and coordinate with many others as you will be responsible for all aspects of the trans...

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Sunday's Hadleigh Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 28.11.21 by Amber Markwell Local News

Sunday's thought Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. —...

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Chapman Stickels' Hadleigh property of the week: Three bedroom Old Stables in Bildeston

Posted: 27.11.21 by Derek Davis Property

If you are looking for a new home in the Hadleigh area then look no further than our Property Of The Week features, which showcase the most interestin...

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Saturday's Hadleigh Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 27.11.21 by Amber Markwell Local News

Saturday's riddle You can hold me in your left hand but not your right. What am I? Find the answer at the bottom of the page. --...

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Friday's Hadleigh Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 26.11.21 by Amber Markwell Local News

Friday's fun fact Did you know that some sea snakes can breathe through their skin? You might think that it's just fish t...

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Hadleigh area could provide answer to FareShare charity's warehouse problem

Posted: 25.11.21 by Derek Davis Local News

A foodbank supplier that has helped scores of families in Hadleigh and surrounding villages is desperately searching for space to store vital victuals...

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Police enquiries continue after post mortem into Hadleigh sudden death

Posted: 25.11.21 by Derek Davis Local News

Police enquires into an unexplained death in Hadleigh are continuing after a post-mortem proved inconclusive. More tests are being carried out on m...

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