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The Spirit of Guthrum – Hadleigh’s Old Haunts

Posted: 31.10.21 by Spririt of Guthrum Opinion

Hallowe’en. All Hallows’ Eve. Spooky, right? Gotta say, for apparitions like me Hallowe’en is a bit of a busman’s holiday. It just means an ex...

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100 Years of Horror Movies: See the Live performance of Dracula in Hadleigh

Posted: 29.10.21 by Fraser Clements  Opinion

Nub News in association with Met Films presents: 100 Years of Horror Movies. Pete Appleyard who works at Met Film School loves the h...

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Salud! Tom Jobim: Georgia warms Hadleigh Jazz fans with a night of Brazilian Beat

Posted: 28.10.21 by Robert Carr Opinion

Hadleigh Jazz Club has long been the hottest ticket in town. Indeed, the demand for the latest show was so great, that Georgia Mancio and Mark Crooks...

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John Ward has Hadleigh columnist RTG's number

Posted: 23.10.21 by John Ward (Babergh leader) Opinion

I do love reading Rowland Taylor’s Ghost: the spectre is a very entertaining and eloquent wordsmith. I just wish his numeracy and fact-checking were...

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Rowland Taylor's Ghost: Queenie Dawson, a frugal Christmas and the virtue of patience

Posted: 16.10.21 by Rowland Taylor's Ghost Opinion

Good things come to those who wait. Like most commonplace sayings, this little aphorism's relevance rate is rather mixed. Not least as the pr...

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The Spirit of Guthrum – Self-Serficiency in Hadleigh

Posted: 30.09.21 by The Spirit of Guthrum Opinion

I was in Avis’s checking out the newspapers. As I read, I realised why there was a long queue of chariots down Lady Lane the other day. They we...

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The Spirit of Guthrum consults his lawyer

Posted: 24.09.21 by The Spirot of Guthrum Opinion

“The insolence!” I growled in Squire Derek’s office. “Questioning their King’s connection to Hadleigh. The bare-faced ch...

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Letter: Hadleigh resident challenges Babergh cabinet member over car parking charges

Posted: 23.09.21 by Roger Young Opinion

At the Babergh District Council (“BDC”) meeting on Tuesday 21st September 2021 a Hadleigh resident accused the Council of breaking their promise o...

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Letter to Spirit of Guthrum’s Ghost: 21st century challenge to Viking King of East Anglia

Posted: 21.09.21 by 21st Century resident Opinion

Letter to Spirit of Guthrum’s Ghost I note that you are wandering around Hadleigh hoping that the good people will build a statue in the t...

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Hungry Hack food review: The George Pub Hadleigh

Posted: 25.08.21 by Hungry Hack  Opinion

The Hungry Hack returns and this week in Hadleigh, we are filling up on some grub at the historical venture and town eatery, The George pub. The G...

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